Wine Wednesday: Pan-Seared Scallops & Kumquats + 2017 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday!  This week we venture to the lighter side of Essere Franco with Phil, our resident somm and master experience guru.  Phil pairs our 2017 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc with Pan-Seared Scallops and Kumquats, and tasting the two together almost makes quarantine life bearable for an evening! 

The key to any good pairing is matching the weight and texture of your wine with those of the food.  Our creamy, oak-aged SB teams up perfectly with sea scallops and their rich, velvety consistency: combined, the two melt seamlessly onto your palate with a smooth, but fresh, finish. When it comes to flavor, matching is again as key to a good pairing as it is to Phil’s wardrobe.  The light tang from the thinly sliced kumquats brings out citrus notes in an otherwise very tropical flavor profile, giving the wine a light feel despite its rich texture.  My recommendation: chill the Sauvignon Blanc in an ice bucket while you nibble on your scallops out on the patio.  In fact, you might want to keep a bottle in the fridge too just in case!

Don’t forget to submit your Shelter-in-Place recipes using #SIPessere or by emailing me at  Every entry is a chance to win a three-pack of our famous Proprietary Red Blend ($675 retail value).   If you’d like a chance to taste your SB with a pro, email us at and we will put together a Virtual Tasting package for you and your friends and family to enjoy this summer!

Until next week,

Essere sani


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