Wine Wednesday : Shaun’s Port and Bay Steak with 2016 Essere Franco Cabernet Sauvignon

I am so excited to introduce Shaun Mesher, one of the partners of Essere Napa.  Based in Alberta, Canada, Shaun is a true wine and food enthusiast. He first experienced wine tasting in the Napa Valley in 2006 and fell in love with the area, the culture and the industry. But with a PhD in organic chemistry and a degree in biochemistry, Shaun’s passion for wine goes beyond simple taste and enjoyment to the science behind creating fantastic wines.

The opportunity to acquire Essere Wines came about through Shaun’s network in Napa. His infectious enthusiasm for winemaking, together with his solid entrepreneurial track record, were such that he successfully persuaded a number of his friends and relations to invest with him in Essere Wines.

Shaun is committed to creating beautiful wines thoughtfully, responsibly and scientifically, and I am overjoyed to share his recipe with you!  He says, “I’ve used this method of cooking steak many times when I am not social distancing, but it is an easy steak to do by yourself.  You’ll be amazed by the way the steak is beautifully tender.”  He also gave me some pro tips: “my favorite cut for this recipe is the rib-eye, tender and full of fat that renders very nicely in the oven. You will need enough steak for the number of people you are cooking for (up to 2lb, up to 6 people).  Access to a BBQ is a plus.”  He recommended that we pair this delicious steak with our 2016 Essere Franco Cabernet Sauvignon, and I simply cannot wait to try it.  What are you waiting for?


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