Wine Wednesday

Hello friends! Thank you for joining us in our very first Wine Wednesday post! Over the next few weeks, we at Essere will bring you Shelter-in-Place pairing ideas from our partners and staff to give you a little added inspiration for your own creations. Post a recipe along with your Essere pairing recommendation using the hashtag #SIPessere, or email your pairing ideas to me at, and we’ll pick a favorite to feature here and on social media on May 20th. Everyone who submits will be eligible to win a three-pack of our Essere Franco Proprietary Red, so have some fun and you can drink on us!

This week’s recipe comes from yours truly – Brianna – a brand new member of the team at Essere Napa. Nice to meet you!

Due to my mother’s insistence on pretending as though my apartment is actually a bomb shelter, I relied largely on non-perishable ingredients found in my emergency supply cupboard (read = my normal, everyday pantry) and on leftovers to create an Aperitivo Plate. All of the flavors brought out something special about the 2011 Essere Franco Proprietary Red Blend, which is really starting to stretch its legs. Of course, because my boyfriend and I had SUCH a nice time enjoying the 2011, we also popped a 2012 Essere Franco Proprietary Red Blend (known cutely as “prop red” to us office hooligans), and that made us quite happy as well. Members, if you were lucky enough to order a vertical of our “prop reds” this spring, consider opening the wines and comparing how the different components on the plate work with the different vintages. I, of course, didn’t have an entire vertical or we would have been doing so as well (please, no judging during quarantine).

I hope you enjoy making an evening special by digging into your Essere and cannot wait to see what you are trying at home!


Brianna & the Essere Team


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