Breaking Bud

Our Petit Verdot in Oak Knoll is starting to experience signs of bud break, an exciting but potentially nerve wrecking time as this is still considered early and a few frosty nights could be in the forecast in the next few weeks. If you are driving up valley and hear what might be a struggling small airplane near your car, fear not, it is most likely farmers testing their frost fans. The warm weather we experienced in February helped kick our vines into spring mode and it seemed that all of us in the valley were scrambling to prune in time for early bud break. We are in the hands of Mother Nature at this point, and with early bud break comes early bloom, leaving the door open for a higher risk of wind and rain damage for potential fruit. As growers we consider all potential speed bumps as the seasons change, so it is safe to say we are cautiously optimistic when bud break knocks on our door. But as we view this seasonal shift through a farmers lens, it is also fun to look ahead and predict the conditions that would create the perfect vintage. Years from now, what will be thought of a 2017 Napa Valley Cab? Only time will tell, so stay tuned and lets all enjoy the ride!

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