The ultimate wine country experience doesn’t end after your visit to Napa Valley, it’s a lifestyle! We created this blog for our friends, wine club members, and romantics who love to daydream.

Wine Wednesday

Fire up the barbecue, because this winning combination will bring you and yours out to the patio for a mouthwatering combination! Click here for details.

Wine Wednesday

This pairing will transport you straight to the cafés of Paris. Click here to learn how to make this delectable chèvre tart, and to take advantage of our “Glasses of Rosé” special!

Spring in Our Step:

Bud break is in full swing in the Napa Valley, lifting spirits and getting us excited about a new vintage. Click here to read more about how bud break effects our wine.

Introducing Wine Wednesdays

Over the next few weeks, we at Essere will bring you Shelter-in-Place pairing ideas from our partners and staff to give you a little added inspiration for your own creations. Post a recipe along with your Essere pairing recommendation using the hashtag #SIPessere, or email your pairing ideas to me at, and we’ll pick a favorite to feature here and on social media on May 20th. Everyone who submits will be eligible to win a three-pack of our 2010 Essere Franco Proprietary Red, so have some fun and you can drink on us! To see this week’s recipe, click here.

When we take the time to move through a wine step-by-step, using each of our senses in turn, we can connect with ourselves more deeply, as well as with those whom we share it. By following a few easy steps, you can turn wine drinking into wine savoring, wine sniffing into aromatherapy, and wine pairing into a work of art.  Click here to find out how!

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday!  This week’s recipe comes from our owner in Calgary, Shaun Mesher, who is a wiz in the kitchen in general.  He pairs his Port and Bay Steak with our sumptuous 2016 Essere Franco Cabernet Sauvignon, a match made in Heaven!  Click the link in our bio for the recipe and to find out how to get your hands on this small-production, estate-grown Cabernet! Click here for the recipe.

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday!  This week we venture to the lighter side of Essere Franco with Phil, our resident somm and master experience guru.  Phil pairs our 2017 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc with Pan-Seared Scallops and Kumquats, and tasting the two together almost makes quarantine life bearable for an evening!  Click here for the recipe.

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